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Celebrity Workout Routine

Whether you’re just starting out on your fitness journey, or have been keeping healthy for many years, there are always more places to turn to for inspiration. There’s plenty of inspiration to be found in fitness videos online, our own articles here at the Medpoint Health Care Centre, and the many tutorials available throughout the web.

Many of us often turn to celebrities as well; since they often have to keep fit for things like sports or movie roles — of course, some just like to look the best that they can. One such celebrity is Alicia Vikander, who has been acting from a young age after injuries cut her dancing career short. Still, her love for acting meant that she didn’t stay down for long, starring in multiple TV shows and films over the years.

In 2018, Vikander played Lara Croft in the rebooted Tomb Raider franchise, sporting an impressive physique. For those unfamiliar with the series, Tomb Raider first appeared in pop culture in 1994, and a Foxy Games feature details how Lara Croft instantly became an icon around the world. This opportunity made her a role model for women, carrying on Angelina Jolie’s — the previous Lara’s — legacy.

Vikander’s transformation into the new role required a strict diet and consistent workouts, making it the perfect routine to follow if you’re looking to toughen up. As Elle Australia reports, the routine mimics ones used by professional athletes, with training starting seven months before the filming of Tomb Raider. The results were absolutely worth it, and you can see Vikander’s transformation throughout Tomb Raider.

However, before directly working on your body by following her workout routine, you need to keep your dietary requirements in-check. Vikander was given a ketogenic diet, featuring a low number of carbs and a high amount of fat. You’ll be eating a fair amount of meat, fish, eggs, and vegetables (though Fitness Clone suggests that you should make sure not to overeat on the latter). This will allow you to boost your metabolism and grow muscle, while also noticeably burning fat.

As always, avoiding junk food and processed carbs is a must. These, along with undesirable junk food and chemical ingredients, will only slow down your progress. It might be tempting to visit your favorite fast-food chain for a quick burger, but you'll never get a toned body by doing so. If you want to check out our Dietitians page they can be an excellent resource on what approach you may need to take given your health profile.

Naturally, you’ll need more than just a decent diet to get results. You’ll be working on specific body parts each day, devoting time to making them strong before giving them time to rest. Her weekly routine was split into four days, going from legs, to chest and shoulders, then back and shoulders, before ending on biceps and triceps at day four. It’s a classic way of working out, making sure you’re building muscle without going overboard.

For those of you that like to train at home, you’ll need the right equipment. This will include various weights, bands and other fitness equipment we sell in our Shop. For many, it will be easier to check out Medpoint Fitness and get expert in one-on-one training sessions or our group training program. If this all seems like a lot of work, that’s because it is. Following this routine will require immense willpower — getting a movie-worthy body will never be easy, after all. That’s why it’s all the more impressive that Vikander managed to complete her seven-month training, overcoming her past injuries to star in a major production. If you want the same body as her, you’ll also have to put in this type of work. Vikander herself is a good demonstration as to the results of the routine she followed, so you’ll always know what you’re working towards.

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