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Doctor and Patient


Medpoint launched operations in May 2007 and has seen operations grow steadily throughout the years.


The question of whether or not Medpoint is right for someone is a common one. Obviously, this can only be answered by the individual however knowing our mandate and our vision may help our clients come to that decision.


Medpoint’s medicals identify risks in our clients health.  

If you are interested in knowing your health risks, then Medpoint is right for you.


Medpoint’s navigator team aims to triage our clients to diagnostic testing and specialist referrals in a timely manner.

If you are interested in an advocate who will navigate the health care system to provide timely access, then Medpoint is right for you.


Medpoint believes lifestyle modification is the best medicine to improve health and increase longevity in our clients.

If you prefer to take control of your health, fitness and nutrition then Medpoint is right for you. If you believe in comprehensive screening, increased access to care, healthy lifestyle, reducing health risks and an overall preventive approach to your health then Medpoint is right for you.


To speak with a Medpoint representative or to book a tour please contact us

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