Our Success Stories

Hi my name is Tom.


I decided to join Medpoint as a member after celebrating my 60th birthday, with the realization that I needed to make some significant changes in my lifestyle to stay healthy for the years to come.


Strength training has provided me the ability to carry out chores with significant ease, and just feel stronger overall, compared to before.


The nutrition plan laid forth at Medpoint has assisted in adding some structure to meal times, and also allowed me to go about my day with greater energy.

I have already lost 20 lbs., but more importantly, I'm down 5% body fat, which has helped with my breathing.

Through Medpoint's fitness program, I've also improved my aerobic fitness, which in turn will reduce my risk of cardiovascular disease.

And perhaps the best part, I will soon be able to reduce my blood pressure medication!


Thank you Medpoint for continuously improving and maintaining my health.


Chris: Hi my name is Chris


Shannon: and I'm Shannon.


Chris: I came to Medpoint in search of a full physical. Both my wife and I lost our spouses at a young age and I needed the peace of mind that we were healthy. We've really appreciated the full physical experience and how quickly it was completed.


Shannon: We would never have had such extensive tests if we went to our family doctors.  We really feel the doctors at Medpoint care about our health.


Chris: I've also been exercising in Medpoint Fitness.  I've lowered my blood pressure and stopped periodic nosebleeds. Medpoint has aided with my sleep apnea, cholesterol and nutrition too. 


Shannon: Our Medpoint trainer is so knowledgeable, helping us understand our bodies, and making workouts enjoyable! Our kids even train at Medpoint. Our daughter Avery has Osgoode Schlatter in her knees but the training has made her stronger and even relieved some of her pain.


Chris: In a time where it's hard to get the kids away from screens, this has been so enjoyable, they gladly go. It's incredible to have proactive health care instead of reactive health care!



Hello, my name is Catherine and I've been a Medpoint Health Care member since 2010.


My husband and I started with the Executive medical.  Part of the program was to meet with the fitness team and a nutrition specialist.


I had hip joint problems and had my first replacement in 2013, with a second just 5 months ago. Thanks to Medpoint training I was fit and had maintained flexibility.  I was able to return to the gym in less than 4 weeks.


My Medpoint trainer focused on medically integrated exercise, using the results of the annual Medpoint medicals to provide specific, individualized exercises. I am already back to doing lunges, planks and weights in the gym.


My physiotherapist is delighted - most hip replacement patients are still having trouble getting out of a chair!


Medpoint has given me the confidence to not only rehabilitate but to be stronger and fitter than pre-surgery.  Take the first step and call Medpoint today.



Hi my name is Lindsey.

I decided to kickstart my health by joining the 13-Week Fitness Program at Medpoint Health Care, because I felt that I never had energy and all I wanted to do was sleep.  I wasn't happy at work and I wasn't happy at home.  I was living off coffee shop food and drinks and knew I needed to change my habits.


Medpoint has impressed me the most with how all-encompassing their programs are. The 13-Week Fitness Program wasn't just fitness, it was medical, fitness and diet, and unlike anything I had seen.


Since joining Medpoint I am genuinely a much happier person & have the energy to get through my day without coffee and sugar. I want to go to work, I want to be around people.  I even like to challenge myself now - I have lost 9 percent body fat!  


With the help of Medpoint, I made lifestyle changes that have helped boost my confidence so much, that partway through the program I decided to become a Medpoint Member.  Make your change today, call Medpoint!



Hi, my name is Lonnie. 


I'm 61 years old and have been going to Medpoint for five years for the Platinum physical.


Two years ago during the stress test, Medpoint detected that my heart muscle was abnormally thick, but had no negative impact on my heart function. However, one year later when an echocardiogram was done, the thickening had progressed.

It had progressed so much in one year, that it was now blocking the blood flow out of the heart.  The pressure in my heart was dangerously high.


The echocardiogram tech notified the cardiologist immediately and the cardiologist had the knowledge and experience to determine the cause of the problem. 

That very same day, I was sent to the correct specialist for treatment. 

Thanks to having the physical completed every year and the expertise of the cardiologist, Medpoint saved my life!


It is important to be proactive every year for good health!

Hi I'm Brian & this year I turn 40. 


I joined Medpoint's 13-week program with long-term health in mind.  I have two young children I want to see grow into men.


Earlier this year, I was experiencing concerns with my heart and mental health.Smoking, job & life stresses had me worried.  I've learned that my heart is okay and that my issues were panic attacks.


Since starting at Medpoint, I've significantly reduced my smoking, with a goal to quit within the year, and I've not had any onset of panic. 


Also, I've learned that I was eating far less than I should, and not the right, healthy foods to reach my goals. And although I've only lost 4 pounds, I've dropped 14% body fat.  I've not felt this good since college!


Making these changes is not a solo journey.  Medpoint's expertise can help guide you.To anyone that thinks Medpoint may be out of their budget, I say poor health costs so much more.  Aren't you worth it?


Medpoint Health Care Centre



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