Our History

 Medpoint Healthcare Centre was founded by President and CEO Alex Hanham, and his wife Dr. Sylvia Murchison, the Medical Director.


While working in a variety of healthcare environments, Dr. Murchison became frustrated with a system that became more focused on reactive medicine rather than the importance of prevention.


When resources are limited, the focus and funds will always go towards dealing with the crisis at hand.  For example, a patient having a heart attack can't be helped by telling him to improve his diet. 


With very little attention put towards prevention, we end up dealing with more patients in crisis than helping them avoid it. The system is destined to fail.


We wanted to create a system that worked.


Medpoint Health Care Centre launched in May 2007 with a single physician, 5 staff, and 4000 square feet of medical space. The concept was to identify the patient's risk factors and provide a glimpse as to where their health was headed. We believed that if the patient could comprehend their current health situation, they would be motivated to change their destiny and choose a healthier lifestyle.


It worked. 

Medpoint has grown significantly over the years and has branched into new fields to fill the needs of their clients.


Today, we have a total footprint of over 15,000 square feet across London and Byron. We are also negotiating expansion outside of SWO to accommodate our growing clientele.  Our facilities include 2 Fitness Facilities, 2 Same-Day clinics, multiple specialists offices as well as a Pharmacy.


Currently, over 20 physicians call Medpoint home and the staff has grown to over 35 highly trained and friendly individuals.  The highest growth has come from Medpoint’s Fitness division with over 15 University educated team members who are dedicated to their clients getting healthier, stronger and more vibrant.


The success of Medpoint and the concept of living well has not gone unnoticed.  Medpoint currently has approximately 300 corporate clients who are now turning to Medpoint in order to improve the health and wellness of their employees.  Employee Health Solutions is the fastest growing component of the company and the focus of our future growth.


To be continued.


Community Involvement

The #mymedpointchallenge is a video/picture social media movement that will encourage people around London and surrounding areas to take part in healthy initiatives. We want local participants to post videos or pictures of them doing something healthy to their social media pages and then challenge 3 other people to do the same



Successful participants will be entered into a draw to win a wellness retreat for 2 to our Grandbend wellness retreat.Participants are encouraged to like and share their favourite posts.


Rules and guidelines: 

  1. Participants must use the hashtag #mymedpointchallenge.

  2. Participants must challenge 3 other willing participants by tagging them in their posts.

  3. Participants are encouraged to like and share their favourite posts.


Here are some video ideas to get the ball rolling...

- Workout videos

- Feeding the Homeless

- Visiting the Dentist

- New Years Resolution

- Simple picture of healthy daily activity

- Visiting the Dietitian

- Removing unhealthy food

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