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A comprehensive health assessment that screens for the early detection of diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease.


An executive medical is a comprehensive health assessment that screens for the early detection of diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease. Usually reserved for executives in large firms, executive medicals help to keep the most valued employees healthy and active. It consists of heart function tests, lung function tests, nutritional assessments, bone density, vision and hearing screening, a number of blood and urine tests along with a detailed examination from a physician. Most executive medicals result in an easy to read executive summary that the client can then reference their full personal health status.

Resting Electrocardiogram/12 lead ECG

Visual Acuity

Audiometric Hearing Screen

3 cups




Body Composition

& Fit 3D Scan

Blood Panel


Gait Scan


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Many people have found that an annual physical with their family doctor is not a productive use of their time. The “tap on the knee and blood test” that many of us have experienced does not really provide an adequate assessment of our current health status. Furthermore, many diseases are silent and provide little to no symptoms. Early detection saves lives and can improve outcomes. A full comprehensive annual health assessment allows the client to take a proactive approach to their health.


Medpoint Health Care Centre has taken executive level healthcare in a new direction. While we work with over 100 corporate firms who trust Medpoint with their executives’ health, the majority of our clients come to us directly from the general public. Our goal was to make executive level health care affordable to everyone. While executive physicals can cost upwards of $3000 in major centres like Ottawa and Toronto, the cost at Medpoint is substantially less. While the testing is similar, and in many cases, more comprehensive than in other centres, Medpoint’s price allows corporations to offer executive health programs to more employees than ever before.


In addition to comprehensive health screening, Medpoint will coordinate any referrals to specialists or additional diagnostic testing that our physicians feel are medically indicated. Our network of specialists and navigator service provides fast access to top doctors in their field. Finally, Medpoint already has a number of specialists right on site (cardiology, gynecology, internal medicine, radiology, and surgery) making Medpoint a one-stop destination for your health.

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Medical Options


3-Hour Comprehensive Medical

We started our journey into executive health with the Comprehensive Annual Health Assessment, better known as our CAHA.  This affordable medical consists of 9 rooms and over 25 diagnostic tests, all performed at one location within a single 3-hour visit.  Your Medpoint physician will complete a detailed medical history, conduct a thorough medical exam, and coordinate the results of the diagnostic on-site testing as well as provide medical referrals or offsite diagnostic testing as required.

4-Hour Gold Medical

The Medpoint Gold medical is similar to executive medicals in large Canadian centres like Toronto and Calgary.  The additional testing over the 3 hour CAHA medical includes a Cardiac Stress Test, Echocardiogram (heart ultrasound), an enhanced blood panel and is fully private.  At only $1895 this medical is offered for approximately half price of our competition.   A truly affordable and comprehensive screening of your health.  The only difference between the Gold and Platinum options is the abdominal ultrasound.

5-Hour Platinum Medical

The Medpoint Platinum medical is arguably the most comprehensive medical in Canada. We are the only Executive Healthcare Centre that includes an Echocardiogram along with a Cardiac Stress Test, Abdominal Ultrasound, Bod Pod, and Full gait analysis. All for over $1000 less than Toronto clinics.  For those that want the most detailed analysis of their health, the Platinum covers all the bases.

Medical Comparison


* This is a screening  full abdominal Ultrasound with limited Pelvic”

Either option is available in our membership program

Cardiac Assessments

Additional Assessments

24-Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor - $80

The 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitor is a device attached to your arm that is used to evaulate your blood pressure. It can help determine if you are hypertensive (high blood pressures), hypotensive (low blood pressures), if your blood pressures fluctuate, if you require medications or if you need to adjust your medications based off your results. This information is gathered by frequent readings throughout the 24-hour period you are wearing the device. The machine takes a blood pressure every half hour during the day and every hour at night. Once returned to us, a report is created and sent to be reviewed by our Cardiologist. 


Holter Monitor - $440

A holter monitor is a device which is attached to your chest by three wires and stickers. It is worn for 48 hours and is used to evaluate your heart rate and rhythm, any arrhythmias (irregular rhythms), and determin if any existing symptoms experienced correspond with the heart. Once 48 hour recording is complete, it is to be returned then scanned by the Cardiovascular technologist and sent to be reviewed by our Cardiologist. 


Exercise Stress Test - $245

An Exercise Stress test is a test in which you are on a treadmill with stickers and wires on your chest. Your heart rhythm and rate along with your blood pressures are monitored before, during and after the exercise. When performing the test, you are pushed to reach your target heart rate which is reflected depending on your age. This is done by progressively increasing the work load ever 3 minutes by increasing the speed and incline of the treadmill. This test typically ranges between 5-10 minutes and is completed when either target heart rate is reached, you request to stop, any symptoms occur, or any abnormalities present themselves. This test is done to evaluate the functionality of the heart when under the stress of exercise. With continuous recording during the test, we are able to see if there are any rate related irregular rhythms, premature contractions, and any ischemic changes which is a result of lack of blood flow to certain areas of the heart. Once test is completed by our Registered Cardiovascular Technologist, it is then sent to be reviewed by our Cardiologist. 

The Medpoint 5 hour Platinum medical includes the exercise stress test as a part of the medical. This test is for screening purposes only and not meant for those with an existing medical indication

Abdominal Ultrasounds - $300

The Abdominal Ultrasound at Medpoint is a screening ultrasound that is looking for evidence of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, Bladder Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, and Kidney Cancer.

The Medpoint 5 hour Platinum medical includes this ultrasound as a part of the medical.

This test is for screening purposes only and not meant for those with an existing medical indication

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