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Sanctuary Wellness Online Course

The Here & Now Mindfulness Program gives your team the tools to combat chronic stress or trauma symptoms, prevent burnout and compassion fatigue, and actively create calm and clarity in the present.

How Does This Course Help?

This mindfulness and resilience-building program was developed through one-on-one work with first responders and military clients. It’s a great fit for anyone who wants to learn strategies to overcome stress, build mental resilience, and create a sense of calm and clarity in their life. Your team will learn mindfulness-based practices and distress reduction strategies applied on the go, and while you work with no added time or activities required. You’ll focus on active self-regulation strategies and training attention to bring mental and emotional processes under greater control, supporting mental well-being and improving performance. This program is delivered through bite-sized, engaging video modules with specific guided skill practices. It’s both a learning experience and a tool that you can return to repeatedly for future stress reduction.

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