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4 Ways You Could Benefit from Custom Orthotics

At first glance, custom orthotics may look no different than the standard insole that you would find at any department store; however, they are completely different. Custom orthotics are intricately designed, and personalized insoles created for individuals needing assistance while walking and running. Much like a standard insole, custom orthotics are placed inside your shoe to provide specialized support and comfort to adjust your foot and improve your overall health. For individuals that spend many hours of their day on their feet, they may not know that improper insole may contribute to physical health issues. Here are five ways you could benefit from custom orthotics:

Improved Balance

When you wear shoes with custom orthotics, the entire surface of your foot is provided with exceptional support, allowing you to remain on your feet with tremendous stability. Insoles available at department stores can provide some additional support for your foot but fail to provide you with optimal results due to the fact they are designed to help the general population and not the exact shape of your foot.

Around-the-Clock Comfort

For a podiatrist to manufacture your unique custom orthotic, they must first formulate a replica impression of your foot using 3D technology, and this guarantees that you'll receive a flawless fit for your shoe. In most cases, if your insole isn't designed to fit the dimensions of your foot perfectly, you'll eventually experience discomfort if you're walking a fair distance or standing for prolonged periods of time. With custom orthotics, you'll be comfortable from the time you first put on your shoe until the time you take them off.


While 'custom insoles' from department stores may offer temporary comfort and relief, they are simply an impractical option for individuals that do a lot of standing or walking because they are not designed to provide you with long-term relief satisfaction. With over-the-counter solutions, you may end up replacing your insoles every couple of months; however, with custom orthotics, you'll receive extraordinary comfort and support that will last 2-6 years.

Reduced Pain

Not many people know how negatively improper insoles can affect their overall well-being. Improper insoles lead to issues with your posture, your Achilles tendon, and perpetuate headaches and lead to feelings of lethargy. Custom orthotics offer you support, comfort and maneuverability, allowing you to go about your day unimpeded and feeling free from pain.

Buying a new pair of shoes is much more than deciding on which style you want; it's deciding on how you want to feel. If no pair of shoes has been able to improve your balance, offer you around-the-clock comfort, or help you minimize walking or standing-related pain, you should consider custom orthotics.

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