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Enhanced Medical Assessment

This assessment consists of:


Occupational Therapy Services

  • A 1 hour meeting with all concerned parties to identify the history and challenges facing the family

  • A detailed report summary and action plan.

  • A second one-hour session to discuss the plan and next steps.

  • Mental health assessment

  • In home safety/fall risk assessment

Nursing Services

  • Comprehensive blood work panel/urinalysis

  • Assessment of vital signs

  • Past medical history review

  • Pharmacist/nurse driven pharmaceutical report

  • Systematic head to toe nursing assessment 

  • Creation of a nursing care plan

Physician Services

  • Comprehensive Annual Health Assessment (CAHA) – 3 hours

  • Complete Male or Female Centered Medical by one of our Medpoint Physicians

  • Immunization Update

  • Visual Acuity Assessment and Glaucoma Test

  • Audiometric Hearing Screen/Audiogram

  • Resting electrocardiogram/12 lead ECG

  • Respiratory function

  • Ankle-brachial Index

  • Bone Density

  • Gait Analysis

  • Comprehensive fitness assessment

  • Bod Pod composition test

  • Fit 3D visualization scan

  • 20 page detailed Health Status report

  • Participation in follow up meeting with client

Price: $1500

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