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An executive medical is a comprehensive health assessment that screens for the early detection of diseases like diabetes, cancer and heart disease.



We have combined reactive healthcare solutions with proactive wellness initiatives to create one program that solves corporate health concerns.



Liv Wellness

Onsite Specialists

Employee Happiness

From expert advice to wellness retreats, your employees' happiness is our priority.

Mental Health

Our mental health experts educate individuals about evidence-based health information so they can lead a happy, healthy life.

Custom Orthotics

A custom-made foot orthotic is made specifically for the patient following an assessment of their feet and legs.


"The weekly wellness events have helped me better understand how to make a complete  lifestyle change. The Medpoint presenters are knowledgeable and are very passionate when it comes to answering questions and helping me reach my goals."

Tammy - Executive Director

I wanted to take a minute to express how awesome this program really is.  We still need to get some of the doubters to turn the corner, and maybe they never will, but I would wager that those that have given the program a fair chance would agree that it is very informative and beneficial. I urge EVERYONE to schedule your Navigator testing (Bod Pod, Gait Analysis, 3D Fit Scan and Aurascan) at a minimum.  This is information that affects YOU directly and can really give you the guidance and motivation to make a lifestyle change.  It's NEVER too late folks!

John - Director of Operations

Personal Training

Wellness Retreats


Medpoint Health Care Centre


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