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Health and Wellness Solutions

with proven results.

From Physical and Mental health to diagnostic testing Medpoint can work with you to maximize the well being of you or your entire team.

Our Executive Medicals Include

3 Hour CAHA

This affordable medical consists of 9 rooms and over 25 diagnostic tests, all performed at one location within a single 3-hour visit.

5 Hour Platnium

The Medpoint Platinum medical is arguably the most comprehensive medical in Canada.


Year-round executive healthcare that you can rely on. Receive access to special rates for all of our services.

Our Employee Health Solutions Include


Health examinations that use physiological measurements and calculations to determine the risk level of diseases and medical conditions.


Our system allows employees and their families to access the best possible healthcare in the minimum amount of time.

Liv Wellness

We will Educate, Motivate, and Reward your employees through wellness presentations, contests, and challenges.

Onsite Specialists

Our qualified specialists provide health and wellness presentations to increase employee engagement and productivity. 

Mental Health

Our mental health experts educate individuals about evidence-based health information so they can lead a happy, healthy life.


Powered by London Ergonomics our highly qualified team members will come on site and assess your workstation needs

Custom Orthotics

A custom-made foot orthotic is made specifically for the patient following an assessment of their feet and legs.

Corporate Clients

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Why invest in company wellness?

Higher revenue

per employee

Fewer days absent

per employee annually

Greater shareholder


Every year, lost productivity from worker absenteeism results in an estimated $16 billion in lost revenue to Canadian employers.
The estimated cost of stress-related absences for Canadian employers each year is $3.5 billion.
48% of employees say that investing in professional development is one of the highest impact strategies to combatting stress that their company can do.


"The weekly wellness events have helped me better understand how to make a complete  lifestyle change. The Medpoint presenters are knowledgeable and are very passionate when it comes to answering questions and helping me reach my goals."

Tammy - Executive Director

I wanted to take a minute to express how awesome this program really is.  We still need to get some of the doubters to turn the corner, and maybe they never will, but I would wager that those that have given the program a fair chance would agree that it is very informative and beneficial. I urge EVERYONE to schedule your Navigator testing (Bod Pod, Gait Analysis, 3D Fit Scan and Aurascan) at a minimum.  This is information that affects YOU directly and can really give you the guidance and motivation to make a lifestyle change.  It's NEVER too late folks!

John - Director of Operations

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