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Referrals to Medpoint physicians can be made internally or through your family doctor.

London Specialist Group Master Referral FormFor Download Purposes

The following other services are offered at Medpoint by the following doctors.

  • Gynecology​​

    • Dr. McNaught

  • Cardiology

    • Dr. Hachey

    • Dr. Huq

  • Internal Medicine

    • Dr. Ian Kerr (Oncology)

    • Dr. W. Barnett (Gastroenterology)

  • Urology

    • Dr. Ian Ferguson

    • Dr. Chin

  • Sports Medicine

    • Dr. Degan

    • Dr. Getgood

    • Dr. Joseph

  • Plastic Surgery

    • Dr. Hasegawa

    • Dr. Nelligan

  • Pediatrics

    • Dr. J. Mackey​​

  • Photodynamic Therapy

    • Dr. Yu

Please contact us for more information HERE

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