The following other services are offered at Medpoint by the following doctors.

  • Gynecology​​

    • Dr. J. Swan

    • Dr. 

  • Internal Medicine (Gastroenterology)

    • ​Dr. W. Barnett

    • Dr. Ian Kerr

  • General Surgery

    • Dr. C. Oung

    • Dr. M. Grace

    • Dr. D. Denton

  • Plastic Surgery

    • Dr. C. Scilley

    • Dr. O. Afolabi

  • Physical Medicine

    • ​Dr. O. Tugalev

  • Pediatrics (Click for More Information)

    • Dr. D. Reid

    • Dr. J. Mackey

    • Dr. M. Danby

  • Sleep Medicine Clinic

  • Physiatrist

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Referrals to Medpoint physicians can be made internally or through your family doctor.

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