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Medpoint Travel Medicine Clinic

Are you planning a trip away?  Make sure you travel with a peace of mind knowing you are protected!

At the Medpoint Travel Medicine Clinic we provide comprehensive travel vaccination advice. Our goal is to be able to offer vaccinations for any travel plans and also advise on any other precautions you may need to take when your journey begins.


About Us

Dr. Chris Gall

Dr. Chris Gall has recently relocated to the London area and is excited to partner with Medpoint to provide travel medicine services to London and the surrounding community. Dr. Gall is a member of the International Society of Travel Medicine (ISTM) and holds certification in travel health via the ISTM body of knowledge exam. He regularly attends the ISTM international conferences to stay up to date in the travel medicine field. This is in addition to his MD and CCFP designations. Dr. Gall also has a bachelor’s degree in medical sciences with honors in microbiology and immunology, which has led to a special interest in infectious diseases abroad and immunizations. Dr. Gall has been active clinically during the COVID pandemic and is passionate about preventative medicine and travel safety. 

Traveller Meditating


Can we come as a group for a travel consultation?


Medpoint Travel can accommodate up to 4 travelers per time slot. Do remember that you will be asked personal health questions during your visit. If you have more than 4 people needing a consultation at the same time please contact us at


Where is the clinic located?


Our clinic is located at 1295 Riverbend Rd. Suite 200 (inside the Sifton Centre)


What should I bring to my visit?


Bring your itinerary along with any documentation of previous vaccines you have received. Bring a medication list if you take medication. Bring your health card in case you need an update of any publicly covered vaccines.


What does my travel visit look like?


Once you reach out via our website and book an appointment you will fill out a secure intake form that will be emailed to you. On the day of your appointment we ask you arrive 5 minutes early. You then will see our travel physician for 45 minutes to cover all topics related to your destination(s). Subsequently you will see our nurse for any inoculations you and the physician have agreed upon. At this point you will book in for any required vaccine boosters before your trip. Plan to stay at the office for 15 minutes after your shot(s) to ensure you have no rare reactions that we can help with.


How far in advance should I make a travel appointment before my trip?


Ideally, Medpoint Travel would see you at least 6 weeks in advance to arrange for any vaccine series but we will certainly see people at any time before they leave the country.


When will I receive any potential travel related vaccines?


You will receive any vaccines/inoculations that you and the physician have agreed upon the same day you come for your visit.


Will I be given more vaccines than I need?


You will only receive vaccines that you have agreed upon with the physician based on your personal health and specific itinerary. Medpoint does not have any relationships with industry/pharma and will only suggest vaccines based on current international standard of care.


Is there a charge for injection?


There is no injection charge.


Will you provide access to a PCR test for COVID I can use to travel?


Yes. Based on your itinerary we can suggest when you should have this swab taken by our staff so it will be ready for your trip.


Do you see children?


Yes. Children are at unique risks when abroad that can be quite different than adults and our physician is an expert in travel health including children.


What costs can I expect? Is this visit covered by OHIP?


Travel medicine is not an OHIP insured service. However, if you need an update of a publicly funded vaccine this will be billed to OHIP. The cost of vaccine varies based on your destination and what you have already received. Vaccines cost anywhere from $65 to $230 per shot.


What payment methods do you accept?


We accept all methods of payment including cash, credit or debit cards.