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Same Day Clinics

We offer Paediatric and Nurse Practitioner clinics that are designed to help our patients with their acute health issues. Our professional health background ensures quality services at all of our locations.

 Pediatric Clinic
When your child is sick or hurt, nothing else matters.  However, access to health care doesn’t always match up to your little one's timetable. Our Pediatric Clinic is designed to be there when your child is sick and you can’t get into your family doctor.

With 3 friendly and experienced Pediatricians on-site, we can accommodate you with an appointment on the same day. Some exceptions may apply. 


Our Doctor

Dr. J. Mackey


Family doctors can also send referrals to our Pediatrician who specializes in:

  • Failure to thrive

  • Gastro-esophageal reflux

  • Constipation

  • Asthmas

  • Rashes

  • Minor injuries

  • Concussions


Pediatric Referral Form - For Download Purposes

To contact our Byron Same Day (Children's) clinic, call: 519-472-4343

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