Online Fitness Classes

As we continue to navigate through the ongoing COVID19 situation
Medpoint Fitness continues to work hard to provide you with quality
services throughout this journey.  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram
for daily exercise videos and weekly workouts starting Wednesday April
1st 2020!  Also, please visit our website
for home workouts, exercises, recipes, fitness and nutrition tips.
Currently we have multiple resources available for download and are
even offering our Virtual 13 Week Program FREE OF CHARGE!!!

Additionally, Medpoint Fitness is proud to announce online virtual
group fitness classes!  Below is a PDF document explaining how to
sign up for the group fitness classes online - this is the exact same
process as used before.  Upon signing up for the class you will
receive an email with instructions to enter the virtual class. 



Click here to download the document and signup

Please note: our system is currently experiencing some difficulties
creating new accounts while using Google Chrome as a web browser and
is suggested to use an alternative web browser.  However, if you
prefer to use Google Chrome, steps for a temporary fix to use Google
Chrome are provided below:

1. Open Chrome
2. In the search bar type chrome://flags/
3. At the top of the page search: SameSite (one word, no spaces)
4. There is a setting called "SameSite by default cookies" , disable this
5. Click the relaunch button at the bottom to refresh to browser

Medpoint Fitness will continually work hard to provide you the best
possible resources to stay fit and healthy during the ongoing and ever
changing COVID19 situation.

If you have any questions, concerns, or need help signing up for our
virtual group fitness classes please do not hesitate to reach out to:

Medpoint Health Care Centre


London, Ontario, Canada

Questions? Get in touch.

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