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Forest City Mindfulness

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After five successful years in London, Forest City Mindfulness is proud to partner with Medpoint, southwestern Ontario’s leader in preventative healthcare. Together, we commit to bringing industry-leading stress reduction programs to our valued Members and to the community.

Whether you're looking to improve your health, learn to unplug, or re-engage with life by getting off auto-pilot, our secular mindfulness programs are designed to help restore balance and focus, while increasing your capacity to deal with stress and conflict.


Our Centre delivers a range of engaging, scientifically-supported programs that dramatically improve quality of life. From introductory classes and powerful private sessions, to intensive programs that transform your relationship to life’s stressors, our mission is to make mindfulness an integral part of your preventative healthcare strategy.



A Taste of Mindfulness


This 90-minute, jam-packed, experiential group session gives individuals who are curious about mindfulness a chance to learn about this beneficial and life-affirming practice.


The session will outline what mindfulness is and is not, explain how meditation can reduce stress and anxiety, and introduce participants to basic mindful breathing and movement practices. This small but mighty class provides participants with mindfulness practices that can be used the second you leave the studio.

Private Mindfulness Session

INDIVIDUAL - $150/hour

Learn to reduce stress and anxiety using mindfulness and meditation techniques. Increase your stress hardiness by "leaning in" to difficult emotions and working with personal reactivity patterns. These sessions may be scheduled on an as-needed basis and are not part of a particular mindfulness program. They are suitable for those new to mindfulness, or for participants of previous programs looking to enhance their skills and deepen their practice. 

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Forest Path

Mindful Living Series

PRIVATE PROGRAM - $150/per session

  • Six, weekly, individual sessions, 75 minutes each

  • A personalized program that fosters awareness of personal stressors and stress reactivity patterns, while cultivating a daily, personal mindfulness practice. You can’t stop life’s waves, but you can learn to surf. Week one may be taken as a standalone session, so participants may explore mindfulness and decide whether they would like to proceed with the full, transformative program.


Weekly themes include:


  • Introduction to Mindfulness

  • Stress Part 1: Stress & The Body

  • Stress Part 2: Maladaptive Coping

  • The Role of Emotions

  • Interrupting Autopilot

  • Self-Care & Compassion

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program (MBSR)


  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction is an empirically supported, eight-week psychoeducational group program that teaches mindfulness meditation as a means of coping with stress, pain, and illness. MBSR is designed for anyone suffering from chronic stress, illness or pain who wishes to increase their overall health and wellbeing through the cultivation of a daily mindfulness practice. The program has proven beneficial to individuals experiencing the following issues: ongoing stress, anxiety, panic attacks, sleep disturbances, depression, trauma, chronic pain, burnout, etc. Please note, all participants undergo a confidential, initial screening to ensure that MBSR is a suitable intervention. 

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Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training


A twelve-week program designed to end the cycle of dieting by helping participants cultivate a real relationship with food that's healthy and sustainable.  Backed by years of NIH research, MB-EAT is designed to address all forms of "mindfulness" eating through the application of mindfulness including: stress-related eating, emotional eating, disordered eating patterns, and obesity. Through mindful eating practices, participants learn to pay attention to what their bodies really need and why, in addition to releasing the guilt and struggle often associated with eating. The course format is an initial ten-week program with two follow-up sessions scheduled one month and six months afterward. This aids in accountability and allows for a strengthening of ongoing principles and practice. 



Angela is an experienced mindfulness teacher with advanced training in evidence-based mindfulness interventions. She is the founder of Forest City Mindfulness, the area's first Centre dedicated to the secular training of meditation practices. She joined the Medpoint team in 2023.

Angela Scott, M.Ed.

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