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Whether you're looking to improve your health, learn to unplug, or re-engage with life by getting out of auto-pilot, our mindfulness courses are designed to help restore balance and focus, while increasing your capacity to deal with stress and conflict (resilience).


Forest City Mindfulness delivers a range of affordable, fun, scientifically-supported programs that dramatically improve quality of life. From day-long retreats for resting and recharging, to intensive programs that transform your relationship to life’s stressors, our mission is to make mindfulness mainstream by sharing its transformative benefits with Londoners and members of our surrounding communities.

All our classes are secular in nature and led by qualified, experienced and caring teachers. Our inviting studio is equipped with everything you’ll need for an optimal mindfulness experience.


Cup of Coffee

A Taste of Mindfulness

GROUP SESSION - $50/per session

This 90-minute, jam-packed, experiential group session gives individuals who are curious about mindfulness a chance to learn about this beneficial and life-affirming practice.


The session will outline what mindfulness is and is not, explain how meditation can reduce stress and anxiety, and introduce participants to basic mindful breathing and movement practices. This small but mighty class provides participants with mindfulness practices that can be used the second you leave the studio.

Mindful Living Program

INDIVIDUAL SESSION - $150/per session

  • Six, weekly, individual sessions, 75 minutes each

  • A personalized program that fosters awareness of personal stressors and stress reactivity patterns, while cultivating a daily, personal mindfulness practice. You can’t stop life’s waves, but you can learn to surf. Week one may be taken as a standalone session, so participants may explore mindfulness and decide whether they would like to proceed with the full, transformative program.


Weekly themes include:


  • Introduction to Mindfulness

  • Stress Part 1: Stress & The Body

  • Stress Part 2: Maladaptive Coping

  • The Role of Emotions

  • Interrupting Autopilot

  • Self-Care & Compassion

Forest Path



Angela Scott, M.Ed

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Forest City Mindfulness, the leading provider of evidence-based mindfulness programs in London since 2018. Principal teacher Angela Scott, M.Ed., brings industry-leading stress reduction programs to Medpoint that celebrate and support our mission to become Canada’s leader in preventative health care solutions. We look forward to sharing these life-enhancing programs with our valued members.


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