Downtown Same Day

1st and 2nd Floor - Citi Plaza

355 Wellington Street,

London, Ontario, N6A 3N7

Phone:  519-432-1919

Byron Same Day and Pediatric Clinic

In Plaza with Metro Groceries

1240 Commissioners Rd W.

London, Ontario, N6K1C7
Phone: 519-472-4343

West5 Executive Services, Cardiology and Fitness Centre

1295 Riverbend Road,

London, Ontario, N6k 0G2

Phone:  519-432-1919

Executive Health: Ext. 221

Fitness: Ext. 120

Cardiology: Ext. 615

Tillsonburg Fitness and Medical Centre

205 Broadway,

Tillsonburg, Ontario, N4G 3R2

Phone:  519-409-0685

Medpoint Health Care Centre


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