Year-round executive healthcare that you can rely on. Receive access to special rates for all of our services.

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Get access to all of our great services for just $1800

Year-Round Executive Health Membership

The Medpoint membership program is designed to be both proactive and reactive.  Maximizing your health by reducing risk factors through lifestyle modification. Providing medical support when you require it and navigating the complex healthcare environment.



The following services are included in our membership program:


  • Yearly, 3-Hour Comprehensive Medical (option to upgrade to 5-Hour Platinum)

  • Personal Health Care Concierge

  • Medpoint Navigator program

  • 24-hour appointment guarantee*

  • 5 Personal training sessions

  • 1 Initial Consult and Follow Up Session with our Dietitian

  • Unlimited Bod Pods, Fit-3D scans, and Metabolic Testing

  • Follow up appointments and retesting

  • Prescription repeats without a visit

  • Special rates on cosmetic services and skincare products

  • Block Fee for uninsured services

  • Membership pricing on our Fitness, Nutrition and wellness services

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 * Appointment Guarantee is based on a Monday to Friday (work days) only and appointments may be offered in one of a few Medpoint clinics or by Teleconference when needed

** The Membership runs for 12 months and is automatically renewed unless notified in writing

***The Fitness and Dietitian sessions must be used within 6 months of receiving or they expire
**** The Medpoint membership program is a preventative plan focused on lifestyle modification and should not be purchased in order to deal with pre-existing chronic health conditions such as cancer, diabetes or heart disease management. Medpoint does not offer pain control management nor do it’s physicians become your “family doctor”.

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