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We have recently expanded and now have 3 different training and nutrition locations.

 1-on-1 Personal Training Sessions


# of Sessions






Price Per Session






Need to Know:

  • Our sessions are 1-on-1 and run for approximately 1 hour.

  • You must complete one of our medicals in order to participate in a fitness program.

If you are a Medpoint member, any amount of sessions are $50 each (minimum of 12)

*Please note that we are unable to provide refunds on ANY variations of personal training packages. 

However, sessions never expire and can be transferred to an other individual after being approved by a Medpoint physicians.

 Group Fitness


We offer a variety of group fitness classes that cover a wide range of fitness styles. Check out all the classes, find the schedule, and meet the trainers at our separate website.

13 Week Program


What's Included:

  • 3-hour CAHA medical (value $995)    

  • Comprehensive nutrition program

  • Detailed cardio home-program          

  • 12 weeks of training 3 x per week

  • 2 additional bod pod sessions 

  • 2 additional full fitness assessments 

  • Doctor Supervised Medical integration 

  • Total Value:  $4590

  • ONLY: $2849


How it Works:

WEEK 1                3-HOUR CAHA

WEEK 2                Nutrition meeting, meal plan, and 2 PT Sessions

WEEK 3-13          3 PT Sessions Per Week

WEEK 4                BOD POD Reassessment

WEEK 7                Full fitness Reassessment

WEEK 10              BOD POD Reassessment

WEEK 13              Full Fitness Final Assessment, Results 

*Nutrition Sessions are with a Registered Dietitian. 

**May be covered by extended benefits


Kid's Program

We believe that exercise is important for all ages. That is why we created a Kid's Program, focused on learning essential health and fitness skills that will lead to more active lifestyles. Our variety of programs are tailored to each child.

What's Included:

  • Consultation with the child to discuss goals, injuries, exercise habits, equipment accessibility, etc. 

  • 12 Personal Training sessions

  • Special Price: $500+tax


Need to Know:

  • The sessions can be used 1-3x per week

  • We have two separate age categories

  • We have beginner and experienced programs


 Nutrition Sessions










What's Included:

  1. 1-hour consultation, custom meal plan, 1 follow-up session, and any modifications

  2. 1-hour consultation, custom meal plan, 5 follow-up sessions, and any modifications

  3. 1-hour consultation, custom meal plan, 10 follow-up sessions, and any modifications

Dietitian Sessions





For more information on our Dietitian services and packages, please click below!





Performance Assessment Tools


Metabolic Unit

COSMEDs Fitmate Pro is used to determine your personal Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) through indirect calorimetry. RMR is simply the number of calories that your body needs to maintain vital body functions. Knowing this number is essential to weight loss. 


Knowing your actual RMR allows you to decrease caloric intake to a level that optimizes fat loss.​


An innovative 3D body scanner that captures a 3D, 360° image of the human body and extracts the most commonly used measurements tracked for nutrition and fitness progress, all with just a 40-second scan.


The Fit3D Web Platform securely stores scan measurements and data, allowing users to track their nutrition and fitness progress by comparing scans side-by-side.


The BOD POD Gold Standard Body Composition Tracking System is an air displacement plethysmograph which uses whole-body densitometry to determine body composition (fat and fat-free mass) in adults and children, and can accommodate a wide range of populations.


A full test requires only about 5 minutes, and provides highly accurate, safe, comfortable, and fast test results. 

Ron Young, R.Kin
BA. Kin.
Peter Martone, R.Kin
BA. Kin.
Jonathon Matthews
BSc. Kin., C. Ped (C)
Kate Lein, R.Kin
B.A. Kin.
Kent Utman
BSc. Kin.
Julie Bwanka
BA. Kin.
Aaron Bowman
Laura Bennett
BSc. Kin., MSc.
Michelle Weber
MSc., BA. Kin.
Hannah McCutcheon
BSc. Kin.,H.Co-op, CSEP-CEP
Nikki McCombe
BSc. Kin. MPH
Garrett King
BA. Kin
Wade Geddes
BA. Kin
Brandon Webb

MSc., BSc

Fatima Ba'abbad
MA. Kin
Lauren Daniel, R.Kin

BSc. Human Kinetics

Iman Algheriany


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