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Employee Health Solutions

We have combined reactive healthcare solutions with proactive wellness initiatives to create one program that solves corporate health concerns.  


Other medical facilities lack the expertise in fitness and nutrition and motivational tools to bring about change while other fitness organizations lack the medical component to accurately prescribe the health plan required. We lack neither.​ Our Employee Health Solutions encompasses LivWellNavigator, and Biometrics. We can develop a program that includes all or some of the components. We will work to develop a program that works for you and your organization.

Estimated Savings with a Wellness Program

Based on Company Size and Salary
Liv Well
Liv Wellness

Employee related expenses such as absenteeism and medical costs are greatly influenced by poor employee health. 


Therefore, to impact employee-related expenses, we must focus on the root cause of poor health – unhealthy behaviours.


We will Educate, Motivate, and Reward your employees through wellness presentations, contests, and challenges.


Many employees face barriers that impede their ability to obtain healthcare. These barriers are not just financial; they can be logistical, emotional or even cultural.


In today’s healthcare environment, these barriers often go unaddressed leading to many employees giving up on their path to better health.  


Our system allows employees and their families to access the best possible healthcare in the minimum amount of time

Medpoint Navigator

Many wellness programs rely on surveys and opinions to determine the needs of an organization.   These are interesting data points as a whole but don’t provide solutions on an individual level.  It’s trickle down instead of fact driven.



At Medpoint, we can obtain biological data from the employees. This means we can address health concerns on a one to one basis and actually create change amongst an organization.


The organization gets stronger as it’s individual employees improve their health.  The effect on the bottom line is very quickly realized through savings on drug plans as well as short and long-term claims.


Medpoint is able to work with your budget and create custom solutions that work with for you.  From simple blood testing to full comprehensive exams, Medpoint has a program to fit all.

Medpoint Health Care Centre

Watch one of our corporate clients receive their trip to Jamaica. All they did was participate in the program at their company!

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