Cardiac Rehabilitation

Ensure your heart is able to reach its maximum health potential.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

The Cardiac rehab program is for prevention or post-event circumstances. It consists of two components:

Part 1: The portion that is either covered OHIP or subsidized by Medpoint.

Part 2: The year-round health improvement.

Part 1: Covered OHIP or subsidized by Medpoint - NO CHARGE

Cardiology Consultation includes:

  • Cardiac Stress Test to provide “safe zone” cardio targets.

  • Additional cardiology testing may include Holter monitor, echocardiogram, stress echo, or offsite cardiology testing

  • Safe exercise consultation and at-home program with an Exercise Physiologist (30 minutes)

  • Basic’s to heart healthy nutrition

  • Medication Review

Part 2: Monthly Program for year-round success - 60$/month plus HST

Fitness Assessment Every 6 Months ($500 Value)          


Dietitian Session ($100 Value)

  • Introduction to a heart healthy meal plan


Cardio Program ($800 Value)

  • 1 Group Exercise Session every week for a year.

  • The focus is on building cardiovascular strength, endurance and components of strength training

  • Graduated at-home programs varied by month


*Discounted rates on additional Medpoint services*


 TOTAL VALUE: $1650 per year

TOTAL PRICE:  $700 per year or $100 admin fee plus $60/month plus HST*


Referrals to Medpoint physicians can be made internally or through your family doctor.

Medpoint Cardiac Rehab Program Referral Form - DOWNLOAD HERE 

For information on our other cardiology services, please click HERE.

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