Nearly 1 in 2 Canadians are expected to develop cancer during their lifetime. 

People are living longer lives after medical treatment or surgery. We are here to ensure that those lives are fit, fueled, and strong to stop reoccurrence or the development of other related diseases!

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Cancer Wellness Program

Lifestyle is an important part of the cancer care spectrum as more patients are living longer after their treatments have been completed. Many patients continue to live with a number of long-term cancer and treatment related issues. This program can be a supplement to care provided by a primary care physician or your regional cancer treatment program. 

Services can include:

· Manage ongoing symptomatology after previous treatment, as well as subsequent late effects related to treatment

· Monitoring for potential cancer reoccurrence

· Assessment and incorporation of lifestyle medicine issues as an additional focus

· Lifestyle program includes webinars, consultations with a Registered Dietitian and fitness programs run by Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Kinesiologists

· As needed Medpoint will navigate you to other appropriate specialists right on site, which may include Cardiology, Physiotherapy, Paramedical Services, Psychology, others!

Physician: Dr. Ian Kerr, Oncology and Internal Medicine

Referrals to Medpoint physicians can be made internally or through your family doctor.

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