Although each individual is a whole greater than the sum of their parts, when we think about well being, I believe in the importance of looking at an individual’s physical health, spiritual health, intellectual health, and emotional health within the context of their surrounding environment. It is often when one of these areas is lacking attention that our balance is thrown off. We may just “not feel right” or we may begin to develop mental health concerns like stress, emotional dysregulation, interpersonal/relationship problems, depression, anxiety, problems with addiction, or more.

I come with an Honours Degree in Psychology, a Masters of Social Work, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Certification, and 7 years experience working with individuals with mood disorders, personality disorders, and various other mental health problems. What I don’t have is the expertise you hold. The expertise based on your personal life experiences and your personal hopes and dreams for right now and the future. Together, we will develop goals and a collaborative plan to meet them!

Medpoint Health Care Centre


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