13 Week Programs

If you are looking for a complete program, this one has it all. By combining our medical, training, and nutrition into one simple package, you get an entire healthy lifestyle upgrade. And it happens in only 13 weeks.

13 Week Program

What's Included:

  • 3-hour CAHA medical (value $995)    

  • Comprehensive nutrition program

  • Detailed cardio home-program          

  • 12 weeks of training 3 x per week

  • 2 additional bod pod sessions 

  • 2 additional full fitness assessments 

  • Doctor Supervised Medical integration 

  • Total Value:  $4590

  • ONLY: $3,000


How it Works:

WEEK 1                3-HOUR CAHA

WEEK 2                Nutrition meeting, meal plan, and 2 PT Sessions

WEEK 3-13          3 PT Sessions Per Week

WEEK 4                BOD POD Reassessment

WEEK 7                Full fitness Reassessment

WEEK 10              BOD POD Reassessment

WEEK 13              Full Fitness Final Assessment, Results 

*Nutrition Sessions are with a Registered Dietitian. 

**May be covered by extended benefits

GROUP - 13 Week Program

What's Included:

  • 3-hour CAHA medical (value $995)         

  • 3 Dietitian Sessions       

  • Unlimited 3 Months of Group Fitness

  • 2 Additional Bod Pods and Fit3Ds  

  • Special Price: $1500

*Nutrition Sessions are with a Registered Dietitian. 

**May be covered by extended benefits



Get into fighting shape with this boxing infused High Intensity workout that is guaranteed to burn some serious calories. In just 1 hour you will learn the basic fundamentals of boxing and experience a fun fat burning workout!


More For Your Core

Let's attack those abdominal muscles for 30 minutes through a variety of planks, twists and balance exercises. Modified and advanced exercises will be provided.


Mobility Stretch

This 30 minute class will help your body recover from exercise as we focus on increasing your overall mobility. Come out to complete the last piece of the puzzle of your Medpoint training.


Recharge (Stretch)

For 1 hour you will relax your mind, body and soul. This class is great for those looking to reduce stress and have some me-time to recharge for the week.


Body Burn

This 1 hour class will rev up your body and amp up your strength! This class is guaranteed to make you stronger and build your body.



This 1-hour high-intensity interval training class combines strength and cardio. You will burn a ton of calories using a variety of equipment, body weight, medicine balls and weights.  


Fundamental Fitness

For 1 hour come to our low impact interval training class, where you will go through a variety of stations to get you loosened up. In this class you are able to work at your own pace while still getting a fun full body workout!


Cardio Dance

Spend 1 hour dancing to new hits and using easy-to-learn moves to get a great cardiovascular workout! Follow along with the instructor or just move to the rhythm, this class is guaranteed to get your heart rate up and your feet moving