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Medpoint Fitness centre was founded on our commitment to strong ethics, results and use of proven science to prescribe customized exercise programs. We take pride in being the experts, ensuring every client receives a high standard of care along with the fitness and nutritional guidance necessary to experience long term success.

The Medpoint Fitness program works because we combine executive level healthcare with university educated Kinesiology graduates. Our clients are administered a 3 hour comprehensive medical assessment (CAHA) before joining our program. The 20 page detailed report of our clients health status becomes a “blueprint” for prescribing a proper fitness and nutrition program that will achieve maximum results.  Every clients program is different because everyone has a distinct medical profile!

Our program bridges the gap between healthcare and fitness by providing our clients with a private and fully functional environment in which to safely make proper lifestyle changes. All under the supervision of the Medpoint medical team.

How do we separate the Medpoint fitness program from other personal training centres, see chart below.

Personal Training at Medpoint can range in price between $60 and $85 per session. Packages range from 24 to 72 sessions.

The Top 5 questions you need to ask your personal trainer
Question MedpointFitness logo Other guys
What Level of Education in Kinesiology does my trainer hold? 4 years University min. ?
Can my trainer read and interpret my full comprehensive medical report? 3 hr medical included ?
Does my trainer have the qualifications to properly prescribe my nutrition program? Yes ?
Does my trainer have the proper equipment to help me safely reach my goals? Yes ?
Does my trainer have a BOD POD to accurately measure my composition results? Yes No
Bonus Question:
Is my Fitness trainer a commissioned sales person? Never ?