Executive Health

The health care you need, when you need it.


The Medpoint membership is designed to provide year round exceptional health care with the goal of making our members as healthy as they can be. For as little as $125 per month members not only receive the executive medical each year but they also receive the services of their own personal health care concierge who is there to facilitate in all levels of the clients care.

In order to meet the needs of our members year round Medpoint has restricted the number of clients that we will offer this program to. This way our members can have guaranteed exceptional health care service delivered in a prompt and professional manner.

Medpoint members receive the following services:

Medpoint CAHA

This 3-hour medical is the ultimate screening tool for hidden ailments like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Personal health care Concierge

Your Medpoint Concierge will guide you through the public and private health care systems, resulting in the quickest and best possible choices for your health.

24 HR medical advice email response guarantee

Clients of the Medpoint Health membership can have simple medical questions answered quickly by a Medpoint physician via your concierge.

Next day appointment guarantee

OHIP insured clients of the Medpoint Platinum membership can book medical appointments within a 24 hour period Monday to Friday at no additional cost.

Portable USB drive with electronic version of records

Your CAHA results to go! The most current version of your CAHA will be scanned and stored on your own personal USB drive. Your health is literally in your hands.

Personal training and nutritional consultations

Medpoint members receive their choice of either 10 one on one Medically Integrated Personal Training sessions with one of our university educated Kinesiologists, or 10 nutritional consultations with our in-house nutritional expert.

Follow up appointments and retesting

Helping our clients hit their health goals is very important to Medpoint. Scheduled follow up appointments and retesting provide feedback on our clients’ progress.

Prescription repeats by phone

Clients of Medpoint can take advantage of script refills by phone from anywhere in Canada saving them valuable time. Some conditions apply due to patient safety.

Membership pricing

Medpoint members receive special pricing on products and services from Medpoint and our promotional partners.

Yearly Membership package: $1,800 includes yearly 3 hour comprehensive medical ($900* value)

Payment can be made two ways:
$900 upfront and $87.50 per month (minimum 12 months).


* Fee is for services not covered by OHIP. OHIP will be billed for any services deemed medically necessary.
** Membership is for a minimum of 12 months.
*** following years the membership price will drop to $1500 per year or $125 per month. This will include the CAHA medical and 10 sessions of Personal Training.
‡ Client must be medically cleared for fitness.